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About catalyst strength

Catalyst Strength (CS) is a training facility which caters for the competitive powerlifter, in all ranges of the experience spectrum. It also caters to gym trainees who are new to the sport and would like to give it a go, or simply work on the main barbell movements in pursuit of improving strength, muscle mass and wellbeing.

CS also caters for the recreational or competitive bodybuilder or those interested in improving their physique through muscle gain and fat loss through use of our wide range of equipment, as well as coaching and nutritional services.

CS is fully equipped with plenty of top of the line powerlifting equipment which is unavailable in most gyms. This includes two ER powerlifting combo racks, three deadlift platforms, three Rogue power racks, and thousands of kilograms of calibrated Rogue powerlifting plates as well as a multitude of other equipment relevant to improving strength and muscle mass.

Above the equipment and the coaches, it has a supportive community with individuals eager to see each other achieve success in a common endeavor: to get stronger, both physically and mentally.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”.

Our Services


1:1 training

Hire one of our coaches for one on one sessions within the gym. This can be as a one-off technique check up, or comprehensive coaching with multiple sessions per week or month, including a programme for you to do outside of coaching sessions.



Nutrition guidelines and/or macronutrient and calorie targets dependent on your goals. Also involves cardiovascular exercise prescription when the context is right.​



These classes are run in eight week blocks, and you can attend three per week. They last for 45 minutes to an hour. These are small classes where you will get a lot of attention and focus from the coach, yet still receive the support and comradery from a class atmosphere. Generally, this will be broken into four weeks of learning the basics, followed by four weeks of higher intensity training culminating in strength testing in the final week.

Want to learn how to do the heavy, basic barbell movements but worried you might injure yourself?

Here’s your solution...


Our vision at Catalyst Strength is to improve the physical and mental strength of our members through a combination of uplifting community, excellent coaching, and state of the art equipment.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” is a quote we resonate with. 

Plainly, a positive community with like-minded individuals seeking similar goals helps to elevate everyone to faster attainment of their goals, within an awesome atmosphere.

“Catalyst” parallels this, as our community is a catalyst for progress; i.e our community has the goal of causing members to reach their goals quicker.

Our coaches


Jeremy Fraser



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